It always angered me that American public schools lacked the basic essential lessons that we all need. As a student, I could see and feel that some teachers truly didn't want to teach, and in response, many students didn't care to participate. Often, there was no link between the knowledge we were receiving and real-life situations we could relate to or expect to experience later in life. I understand now that these lessons haven't been forgotten but, in many cases, were purposely omitted from our curriculum.

When my nephew began learning about the history of American Chattel Slavery in school, told through a White lens, I realized the school system was failing him just as it had failed me and the rest of our family. He had so many questions about topics I knew would never be covered if left up to an American school system, including many that I myself did not know the answers to. I made a promise to him that I would do the research, compile the information, and we would learn it together. heartbulb is a social empowerment project, a labor of love; community-oriented, and giving careful consideration to the descendants of American Chattel Slavery. This project aims to gently but truthfully address the topics I wish we would discuss more while leaving a light on so that there is room for our youth to ask questions, imagine, hope, and build. This project has expanded to Tanzania, where I have discovered many of the same essential lessons being omitted or taught through multiple biased lenses as well.

heartbulb provides free supplemental educational tools, resources, and services intended to help aid in difficult discussions, including (but not limited to) racism, anti-Black American rhetoric and systems, misogynoir, homelessness, digital literacy, math in context, and homophobia. I personally use these worksheets and exercises after facilitating a discussion on the topic. You are welcome to take what is useful to you and your family and leave behind what is not. All forms of assistance are appreciated and welcome; just reach out.

                                     With Love,