"Today, in schools across the country, our children are presented with subject matter that is of little interest to them. This is primarily because our students view their schoolwork as seemingly unconnected to their lives, having little significance in their ultimate success or survival. Thus, the frequent question that comes from African American students, regardless of their age, in response to a teacher’s requirements for their class is inevitably . . . Why? Why are we learning this? Meaning, what does this have to do with my world or reality? When our students do not see the connection between the subject at hand and their lives, they tend to become bored and unmotivated. Conversely, they will become highly motivated and excited about learning when they do see the connections."

- Dr. Joy DeGruy, Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America's Legacy of Enduring Injury & Healing

Black American Culture Slides & Worksheets (Ages 6+, 10+)

Black Americans have managed to build and steadily develop a hypervisible culture, enjoyed and exploited worldwide, in spite of the oppressions they continue to face. Multiple racial and ethnic groups benefit from their contributions which include music, fashion, language, technology, foods, dances, religious practices, games, customs, policies, and aid. Their culture is largely discarded, forgotten, or constantly under threat of appropriation, xenophobia, and erasure. This packet covers the definition of culture, what makes up Black American culture, and what distinguishes Descendants of American Chattel Slavery from other Black ethnic groups.

Included: 'Popular Culture is Black American Culture' Presentation, Gaslighting, Blame & Shame Worksheets, Mini Index Vocabulary Cards, Scenario Practice, Lost & Found Activity, 'All Skinfolk Ain't Kinfolk' (Navigating Xenophobia) Critical Thinking Skills Worksheet



Rape Culture:

Note & Lesson Guide

Worksheets & activities are intended to be used as a supplement to the work you are already engaging

in with your child and to aid in your discussions. These are guided worksheets, it is not

recommended that a child complete them alone. I prefer to use these worksheets and exercises

after facilitating a discussion on the topic.

A guide will act as just that, a guide & a listener, not dictating how

the student(s) should or should not feel.


Rape Culture: Index Vocab Cards & Vocabulary Matching Worksheets (Ages 11+)

An educational tool that covers key vocabulary terms needed to understand and dismantle rape culture. Vocabulary activity is designed through a Black American cultural lens using realistic scenarios and questions that guide the student(s) to analyze and evaluate their way of thinking with a view to improvement.

Included: 24 Mini Index Vocabulary Cards, 13 Scenarios, 1 Critical Thinking Writing Assignment

-Illuminating Lessons: Rape Culture


Rape Culture: Gaslighting, Blame & Shame Scenario Practice Worksheets (Ages 11+)

An educational tool that covers gaslighting, blame & shame through a Black American cultural lens using real-life scenarios and questions that guide the student(s) to analyze and evaluate their way of thinking with a view to improvement.

Included: 11 Scenarios, 3 Critical Thinking Questions, Writing Sheet, Guide's Answer Sheet

-Illuminating Lessons: Rape Culture


Rape Culture: Rape & Accountability Short Stories & Activity Sheets (Ages 11+)


Rape Culture Crossword Puzzle

Download & test your knowledge of rape culture based on the Illuminating Lessons: Rape Culture Workbook!

Reading for Guide (Required for Rape Culture Topic)

Love WITH accountability builds and creates healing space for diasporic Black child sexual abuse survivors and advocates to use their lived experiences, testimonies, and work as the foundation to co-envision how we can eradicate childhood sexual abuse without relying on the same systems that dehumanize and brutalize Black people. If you are able, please support the writers by purchasing a copy from lovewithaccountability.com. If this is not possible, a free copy is available through z-lib.com DOWNLOAD

Reading for Guide (Encouraged for Rape Culture Topic)

Trauma and Recovery brings a new level of understanding to a set of problems usually considered individually. Herman draws on her own cutting-edge research in domestic violence as well as on the vast literature of combat veterans and victims of political terror, to show the parallels between private terrors such as rape and public traumas such as terrorism. I found this book to be helpful. A free copy is available through z-lib.com. Take what you need and leave the rest. DOWNLOAD

Workbook Pause | Guided Meditation



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