At heartbulb, we champion equality and inclusivity. Our project offers culturally responsive educational tools to Black American and Tanzanian youth. However, we're impartial and believe in bridging divides without political bias. Our focus is on small, thoughtful changes through social impact projects. We aim to empower youth and nurture critical thinking in a culturally relevant manner. heartbulb advocates for fair, unbiased education for all.

The heartbulb Project

heartbulb is a social empowerment project that provides culturally responsive and anti-biased educational tools and resources to Black American and Tanzanian youth. The project was inspired by my nephew, JJ. The negative impact of a biased and culturally insensitive history lesson left him feeling vulnerable and disempowered. His teacher's lack of care, concern, and preparation was evident but not unusual and certainly not limited to the subject of history. heartbulb offers free supplemental materials, workbooks, and resources that cover essential age-appropriate life lessons often whitewashed, overlooked, or taught through a biased lens in traditional educational settings. The project provides customized supplemental lesson plans and workbooks in both English and Swahili and works with schools, organizations, and community programs to refine and deliver them to families and students. By leaving a light on for youth to ask questions, imagine, hope, and build, heartbulb aims to empower and educate youth on important topics, from rape culture to digital literacy, in a culturally responsive and age-appropriate way. 

Illuminating Lessons

The Illuminating Lessons series presents games, worksheets, hands-on activities, scenario practice, and projects that provide the curricula necessary for Black youth to navigate and build shelter from institutionalized violence within schools, corporations, religious organizations, communities, and homes. Illuminating Lessons strives to cover basic and essential life lessons that the American school system avoids, misconstrues, and whitewashes within its curricula. This series is beneficial for youth of all backgrounds. However, the cultural, historical, and contextual focus is on Descendants of American Chattel Slavery covering topics such as Anti-Black American Rhetoric and Systems, Racism, Homophobia, Homelessness, Nutrition and Illness, Misogynoir, and Community Building.

As a student, caregiver, and former early childhood educator, I understand the financial struggles related to finding educational tools specifically for Black youth. For this reason, all materials, workbooks, and resources are free. Though all services and educational tools are free, gifting is welcome. Feel free to take what you need and leave the rest.

Illuminating Lessons: JJ's Worksheets on Rape Culture Coming Soon 

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