This workbook is intended to help the student(s) identify & understand how rape culture functions within our lives and provide them with the tools to begin to dismantle it. Through thoughtful storytelling, media examples and questioning, the aim is to gently but truthfully provide awareness, vocabulary and realistic scenarios that will reveal rape culture in its many forms within our neighborhoods, homes, media & institutions. No doubt, we do our children a disservice when we attempt to hide or sugarcoat the realities that will soon catch them off guard. It is no secret that little black boys & girls are usually forced to grow up much sooner than other groups of children in this world. Learning these lessons won't drown them, but instead, it will give them the tools needed to build a boat.  The guide is responsible for reviewing the worksheets prior to study and discerning whether their child(ren)/student(s) are mature enough to engage in these lessons. Reading materials are provided and it is recommended the guide read these prior to their review.

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